Perplex. Student cafe in the city center of Nijmegen

Perplex is run by students, organised for students. The Perplex team organises acitivities with a biblical view, for students from all different backgrounds, worldviews to join us for activities in the cafe or in the prayer room.

At Perplex every activity is non-committal. Perplex is a place where you are always welcome, nothing is expected of you, you can relax and be yourself. A place where you may receive and where you can enjoy being together with other students. We also enjoy to think about meaning of life and discuss that with each other. 

The team .

Perplex team organises activities. We would not be able to make sure everything runs smoothly without our volunteers. Would you like to help us out? Read more here 

Maaike - Perplex
Teamlid Philinde voor Perplex logo

From a pizzeria to a student cafe .

Did you know that Perplex used to be a pizzeria? Curious about the history? Ask us about it at an activity! Thursday dinner!