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About Us

Perplex exists from students. A team of students who run Perplex from a Biblical vision and students from all sorts of backgrounds, who visit our building, activities and our prayer room.

At Perplex everything is without any obligation. What we find important, is that we create a space where you always are welcome, where nothing is a must so that you can relax and particularly can be yourself.

Where you are invited to receive and can enjoy the presence of other students. Besides that we like to explore life together by starting conversations about it. Of course, whilst enjoying good food or a cup of coffee specialized with freshly ground beans.

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At Perplex we organise all sorts of activities for students. Most of it is without obligation and for free. Here you find an overview of our core activities. Also keep an eye on our news and updates for other activities or events at Perplex.


Prayer course - Uncover - Alpha

Prayer Room


Every Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon Perplex hosts ‘Studycafé’.

Is the library full, are you tired of your roommates or looking for a place to study together with others? Search no longer as Perplex is your place to be! We offer a peaceful place to study, with good Wi-Fi, enough docking stations and of course freshly brewed coffee and tea. One of our teammates is always willing to help you or in for a chat. Feel fry to stop by, even if it’s only for an hour! Reserve your space via

News and Updates

All our activities are corona-proof. We ask our guests to follow the directions of our teammembers and to respect the 1,5m-distance-rule. At your arrival you will be asked to disinfect your hands and to answer the following questions:


Meet the team!

Study status: graduated in Educational Sciences.
Favourite food: my mom’s curry.
Random fact: revives from an empty dancefloor and a good song; dance like nobody’s watching.


Study status: research master Linguistics.
Favourite food:Dutch stew; sauerkraut stew, vijfschaft, yum!
Random fact: I never eat with a spoon, because it feels weird having such large piece of metal in your mouth.


Study status:master Human Geography.
Favourite food: Ow, difficult choice… pasta, Dutch stew, a portion fries, fresh baked biscuits; it’s all delicious.
Random fact: Afraid of the thunder, spiders and all sorts of other crawling critters.


Study status: almost graduated in master Environment & Society Studies.
Favourite food: risotto with mushrooms, spinach and nuts.
Random fact: I am a bus driver in Nijmegen, so perhaps that I will meet you there sometime.


Study status: Master student Physics and Astronomy
Happiness is: Good conversation, good food and being creative.
Random fact: My favourite place to go running is the ‘Waal’.


Study status: Graduated in Communication, policy and management.
Happiness is: Freshly brewed coffee, sunbeams and quality time with friends
Random fact: Besides my work, I study theology just for fun.


Study status: Just graduated and now works as a Physics professor.
Happiness is: Friends, a good book and good food.
Random fact: I recently solved a rubiks cube… as I looked up the solution.


Study status: Works as a student coach for Navigators Nederland.
Happiness is: Ketchup flavoured crisps, lindy hop dancing, good conversation and beauty.
Random fact: : I thoroughly enjoy camping in my old Volkswagen campervan!


Study status: Studies Psychometric therapy.
Happiness is: Good food, hugs and dancing.
Random fact: I make (a lot) of noise with a lot of things I do.


Study status: Studies Psychometric therapy.
Happiness is: Good food, hugs and dancing.
Random fact: I make (a lot) of noise with a lot of things I do.


Contact Us

Could you not find the answer to your question on our website? Then please feel free to contact us by following one of the options below.

Eilbrachtstraat 8
6511 LX, Nijmegen.

Opening times
Tuesday 18.00 - 21.00 Tuesday dinner
Wednesday 13.30 - 17.30 Studycafé