A place to be

Perplex .

Welkom bij Perplex – een plek van community in hartje Nijmegen! Bij Perplex houden we van gezelligheid, aandacht en gastvrijheid. Iedereen is welkom en de sfeer is vrijblijvend. Behoefte aan mensen, een plek om te studeren of op zoek naar zingeving? Perplex heeft het allemaal. Je mag hier relaxen, genieten van goede koffie of thee met een goed gesprek, mee-eten bij de diverse wekelijkse maaltijdmomenten. We vinden het leuk om je te leren kennen. Kom je een keer langs?

Our activities .

At Perplex we organise weekly activities/ Most activities are non-committal, but for most activities it is practical to sign up, so we know how many people to expect. 

Study cafe

Every week Perplex opens the doors for a Study cafe! A quiet place to study, take a break with a cup of coffee or tea with other students. There is always a Perplex team member available for a chat. Feel free to come by for a short coffee break or stay the whole afternoon!

Check our website and social media for updates!

Internationals Dinner

Once every 2 weeks we organise an international dinner on Tuesday nights at 18.00 together with international students from Cornerstone. Dutch students are welcome to join. Check our website and social media for the data.

Thursday dinner

Join us for a lovely dinner prepared by fellow students. The costs are 2.50 euro per person (first meal is for free). Time for good food, good conversation and 'gezelligheid'. During the dessert we have an 'aansnijmomentje' - we ask a question about a specific subject, to encourage you and your table mates to share your opinion and learn from others.

Every Thursday
Welcome from 18.15, dinner start 18.30

Other activities

Once in a while we organise special events. Check our Instagram for the latest updates!

News & Updates .

Our team .

Together with our volunteers we make sure everything at Perplex is organised. We look forward to meeting you at Perplex. Curious who we are? You can read about us here.